AQUACITY is an idea derived from a group of young people who are passionate about digital assets and discover some unsolved problems in the sandbox's growth.
AQUACITY has a group of senior programmers and designers, some of whom are fellow programmers who used to be programmers on the Coinbase platform.
AQUACITY Metaverse is to create a platform where everyone can be entertained and profited. When everyone is looking for a project, they just want to To find a platform where you can get unlimited passive income, and precisely AQUACITY can realize this idea


The first phase of the AQUACITY game will create several different types of 2D games.
The second phase of the AQUACITY game will add 3D games. In the 3D game, players' sense of communication and experience will be sublimated, and more game-loving fans will be attracted to join the game.
The ultimate goal of the AQUACITY metaverse is to enable players to use their body to control the characters in AQUACITY metaverse through VR/AR system in real life.


  • Concept (Metaverse of Aqua World)
  • Leading by a group of experience metaverse developers.
  • The mission of the AQUACITY metaverse is to integrate all functions of all metaverse projects.
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